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ITALIA TREND offerta produzione vendita online scarpe donna ballo caraibico latino made Italy

If you are passionate about dance, or a professional dancer, and are looking for Made in Italy footwear that you can purchase from the comfort of your home ... then ITALIA TREND is the company for you!

ITALIA TREND, among its collection of shoes made exclusively in Italy and dedicated to the world of dance, introduces one of the models of women's shoes suitable for Caribbean and Latin dance. The product is realized in a multicolored glitter upper. Color and leather type is customizable by the buyer prior to purchase via email or telephone.
Also available in other colors: contact us and we will meet your every need for customization!
Caribbean and Latin woman dance shoes - cod.EY for only € 75.00

Buy directly from our online shop
  • Disponibili anche altri colori


  • ends on... 26-06-2019

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