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Allestimenta SrL - We are pleased to be able to offer an all-round service to satisfy our customers' expectations and, last but not least, also for turnkey internal commercial activities.

Allestimenta SrL - US exhibition stand design and consulting service. Europe is served by Verona where, in addition to our planning and consulting office, we have a warehouse, structures, furniture, electrical systems and carpentry which allow us to create the main items necessary for the construction of the stands on our own premises. Atlanta is our headquarters from which we serve the US.
Over the years we have managed to create a streamlined structure which allows us to maintain the Italian quality of our services, at a competitive price compared to the local companies. Xiamen, East China.

Allestimenta has also been established in the Chinese branch of the trade fair scene since 2013. Warehouse and on-site contact are our strengths to serve you along the shores of the east coast.
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