Whatever your need may be - leavening, cooling, deep-freezing, pasteurisation - our conveyor belts provides the ideal solution!

Since 20 years, AM Technology designs and implements cutting edge handling installations offering complete and custom solutions for specific needs.
High quality components, reliable technologies and innovative solutions are the keywords that makes us able to achieve excellent results with our installations, catering to our customers" requests in the best way.
Our transportation systems are used in the following processes:
Leavening: a natural and healthy process carried on in a strictly controlled environment
Cooling: to cool down products after the baking and before the packaging
Deep-freezing: we offer the best solutions for air circulation inside the refrigerating cells
Pasteurisation: for pasteurisation and sterilization of various products
Transport and handling: modular mats in rubber, polyurethane, wire meshes and a near-infinite range of solutions for the transport and handling of many products (aerial conveyors, idle and motorized rollers for pallets and boxes, etc.)

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  • AM TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. - Società Unipersonale - Via della Tecnica 66 - 36043 - Camisano Vicentino (VI) - Tel: +39 0444 410221 - Fax: +39 0444 742718 - info@am-technology.it - PEC: am.technology@legalmail.it

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