Sale of Slender 110 - Handcrafted Artisanal Salmonid Lures Made in Italy Stati Uniti

Cominato Lures is a leading name in the world of fishing 🐟 Our flagship product: Slender 110 - A Masterpiece of Fishing 🎣 Please note: the lure is sold equipped with a double anchor ⚓️. The selling price of Slender 110 is €25.00.

Our flagship product - Slender 110 - A Fishing Masterpiece 🎣

Our charming Slender 110, measuring 10.5 cm in length and weighing only 22 grams, is a marvel of design and functionality. This exclusive jerk-minnow, with its dual functionality of jerking and straight retrieval, is specifically designed for salmonid fishing 🐟. It's crafted from high-quality resin, featuring a sinking design and equipped with rattlin'. Its balance at 1.5/2 meters allows it to successfully navigate strong currents, making it an ideal fishing companion for any situation.

Its armor, made of through-wire steel, and the entire surface airbrushed with two coats of epoxy resin, ensure a flawless finish. The "brown trout" color makes it especially attractive to fish, thereby increasing the chances of success in every fishing session 🌊.

Please note: the lure is sold armed with a double anchor ⚓️.

The selling price of Slender 110 is €25.00

Our story: Cominato Lures 🎨

Cominato Lures is a prominent name in the world of fishing, known for its high-quality salmonid lures. As a renowned artisan firm, our company has accumulated 14 years of experience in the field of self-construction, constantly evolving and refining our techniques.

Our journey has allowed us to consistently improve the quality of our baits, turning them into increasingly enticing and innovative tools for anglers. Our commitment to creating high-quality artificial baits has earned us a prestigious position in the spinning industry.

Our philosophy: Quality and innovation 💡

Quality is a core value at Cominato Lures. Each 'piece' is individually tested to verify its performance and reliability before being released to the market. Our artificial baits are meticulously inspected and crafted by hand, painted with an airbrush.

The use of high-quality materials ensures the durability and effectiveness of every Cominato product. The ease of use of our products has made Cominato Lures a trusted name among fishing enthusiasts 🚣.

In conclusion, Cominato Lures represents the perfect blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and passion for fishing. With our products, we offer fishermen not just high-quality tools, but also an unforgettable fishing experience. Choose Cominato Lures, choose excellence.


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