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  • V. Piombara 33 Carrara - Massa-Carrara
  • +39 0585842782
  • API-AN SOC. COOP. - V. Piombara 33 - CARRARA (MS) - Italy - Mail: - Tel. +39 0585842782

About us

Apian is a cooperative that carries out its activities in the field of marble extraction and reclaiming land in the territory of Massa and Carrara.
We have been active for more than 35 years and as a company we specialize in intervening in varied and complex situations such as instability and landslides in a number of critical areas in the country.
The experience of the company’s technicians’ is based on long training that Apian carried out in the field and acquiring more and more knowledge in the world’s most important marble area. Carrara and the Apuan Alps.

These specializations have made Apian a point of reference in environmental reclamation and have led us to carrying out work in the world’s most important extraction areas.

The company’s squad is made up of more than 20 technicians divided into 5 strongly specialized teams. The highly skilled personnel give Apian an extremely effective operation and they have become so renowned in the area of Apua that they are known as the ragni bianchi (the white spiders).
The personnel possess all the certifications and licenses required for carrying out the work and these were achieved through updating courses as required by current legislation.

The activity that Apian carries out every day represents the evolution of one of the most ancient crafts in marble quarries, that of the the tecchiaiolo, the workers who over many centuries have been charged with securing the rock faces by removing dangerous boulders.

Today this operation of quarry, environmental and human safety is carried out by Apian using the necessary human skills and professionalism, as well as the assistance of the most modern tools and technical support in the sector.
Our clients are made up of economic operators of the stone sector around the world. For this reason our direct interventions in quarries have interested all the continents.

Rock scaling is the manual removal of unstable rock portions required to secure a work area.

The activity is undertaken in any position or height by specialized Apian personnel thanks to their many years of experience in the extraction of marble.
The company can undertake this rock scaling in any situation whether in the area of Carrara, in Italy and overseas. This activity uses technology for securing rock/cliff faces, tunnels during knocking down and slopes that tend to collapse, etc.

The scaling is carried out with respect for all the regulations for the safety of work places and environments and always using professionally the equipment needed for the intervention.
Rock scaling is usually carried out using levers (metal or wooden) that allow workers to act on the cracks in the rock while maintaining a safe distance. Furthermore, they also use chisels, rotary and demolition hammers, loading shovels and other tools dedicated to rock scaling.

The scaling is essential for situations with the risk of rock falls and landslides that are also determined by natural factors (rain, erosion from water flows, thawing of water contained in the rock, etc) when these are not caused by the excavations of tunnels or mining sites.
Contact Apian to find out more on rock scaling and to plan the consolidation and securing the territory.

The service represents the manual elimination of unstable rocks that is required to make a work place safe.
Apian carries out this activity in any position and at any height.

Apian carries out the demolition of rocks or parts of rock through mines and explosives by specialized personnel that are licensed as Fochino (shot firer/blaster) for the proper execution of the various technical phases of the removal.

The work undertaken by the company in this field consists of placing networks of rock/cliff face protection, barriers or opening networks.
In this case the operation also involves securing the safety of work sites.

Consolidation is securing the safety of a quarry though holding back marble structures of various sizes. Apian can also supply the technical office for the planning and the monitoring of the consolidation.

Apian collaborates with the world’s main mining engineering offices that can design the type of intervention needed for each quarry.
The company acts by placing the instrumentation necessary for monitoring the work in progress.

Demolition by explosives
Placing networks of rock/cliff face protection barriers
Environmental reclamation
Marble extraction
API-AN SOC. COOP. - V. Piombara 33 - CARRARA (MS) - Italy -
E-Mail: - Tel. +39 0585842782
Contact us to find out the costs and methods of our rock scaling, demolition with explosives design consultation for securing safety and environmental reclamations.

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Apian collaborates with some of the world’s main mining engineering offices that are on the front line in the design of systems for securing rock/cliff faces marble quarries-

API-AN SOC. COOP - marble quarries sector EXPERT ITALIAN COMPANY IN SECURING ROCK/CLIFF FACES - Apian collaborates with some of the world’s main mining engineering offices that are on the front...-
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L'attività svolta dalla Apian di Carrara in questo settore, consiste nella messa in opera di reti contenitori paramassi o reti in apertura. L'impresa svolge l'attività di applicazione delle reti paramassi presso ammassi rocciosi dalla superficie ridotta in frammenti di varie dimensioni. -

L'attività svolta dalla Apian di Carrara in questo settore, consiste nella messa in opera di reti contenitori paramassi o reti in apertura. L'impresa svolge l'attività di applicazione delle reti...-
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L'impresa mette in opera barre filettate e cavi di tiraggio per consolidare strutture di varie dimensioni: da piccole porzioni di materiale, al consolidamento di pilastri portanti interni nelle gallerie.-

l consolidamento praticato dall'Apian consiste in diverse azioni tra cui la messa in sicurezza attraverso il trattenimento di strutture marmoree e cave. L'impresa mette in opera barre filettate...-
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